Lucie's Legacy has partnered with local Texas farms for human-quality eggs, chicken, duck, beef, seafood, and veggies.

Family owned and operated since 1846, Parker Creek Ranch is a working ranch located 50 miles West of San Antonio. We are committed to regenerative agriculture production and creating healthy habitats for livestock, wildlife and people. As stewards of the land our goal is to produce nutritious products for our community while designing and managing systems that will benefit the environment and future generations.

— Mandy & Travis Krause

When Perrine and I first moved out here to build our farm, we first built a kitchen. Not a house or a barn. A kitchen... It wasn’t an accident. It didn’t just happen that way. Producing good food lies at the heart of what we do out here. Perrine draws heavily on her French heritage to craft the foods of Belle Vie. Her palate and mastery of traditional French recipes create balanced and beautiful food harvested from the pastures her kitchen is surrounded by. I have been lucky enough to sell her food at Austin markets for five years and am overwhelmed by the heartfelt support I receive from her devoted fans every single time I set up our booth or cater an event. We love providing pasture raised products to Central Texas and continue to grow!

Behind the Oaks Farms

Zachary and Samantha Platt and along with our families, steward the land and animals of Behind the Oaks Farm.  Family owned since the 1970’s, we are located in Schertz, Texas, right outside of San Antonio. Samantha is the third generation of Greaves to operate the farm, and Zack married into the farm life over 10 years ago. When visiting the farm or markets, you will be able to meet us and our 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. We enjoy visitors at the farm so that they too can make a connection with the land and animals. We want to bring back the connection between people and their food, knowing that these animals are raised with love, care, and the best that we can provide them because in return, they will nourish us.

Augustus Ranch has chosen a different path. We've taken on the challenge of producing high quality meat from start to finish, all the way through to shipping the meat directly to the person or family eating the product. The quality and flavor speaks for itself, along with a healthier, more nutritious product which is reflective of the way that we manage the animals in a natural setting. "Cradle to grave" means we are committed to the entire process, from genetics to dinner on your plate. That's why we are Your Personal Rancher. Just a phone call or email away from speaking directly with the person who was responsible for the delicious meats you will feed yourself, friends and family.

We adhere to Permaculture methods as closely as possible. We have permanent 4' rows that are heavily mulched to keep down weeds and prevent water loss. Prior to this we have our pigs till by rooting and over time they also deplete the weed seed bank. Our eventual goal is to be organically certified and have no imports; be a closed loop system. This means growing all our animal's food needs on site. The only thing we may import would be seeds and these can be locally sourced. Compost tea, green manure and cultivating the soil/food web is how we are bringing fertility to the soil.  Our farm is located in the bio-region know as the Posy Oak Savanna, in Eastern Travis County near Webberville.

Family owned and operated since 2006. Friendly service with a smile and a great, clean atmosphere. No worries here, you get YOUR deer!!

Humble Rooster Farm is a family owned and operated farm located 40 minutes north-west of Austin, Texas. We raise our poultry outside on pasture in the sunshine, using sustainable farming methods. Our birds are pasture-raised, soy free, corn free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, chemical-free, non-GMO and are supplemented with H and H Feed, a freshly milled Texas feed.

K & S Seafood started in 2008 by Scott and Kim Treaster. They got their start selling seafood at two roadside stands in Georgetown and Wimberley. As the requests came pouring in for more and more seafood, they realized they should make this a weekly thing at a local farmers market! Scott makes quality control his personal mission by driving to the coast every Thursday to inspect the seafood. Freshness and quality are of utmost importance to the Treasters. If they won’t eat it, they won’t sell it.